StellaBase: Nematostella vectensis Genomics Database
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    Search for predicted Nematostella genes by Pfam motifs

    Use BLAST to identify Nematostella sequences with sequence similarity to a query
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Genome Comparison
    Compare the genome of Nematostella with the genomes of other organisms, or search genomes for a particular gene family using Cnidbase search fucntions.

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    Search for expression of genes within Nematostella using a CnidBase search function.

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    Search for primers that have been used in Nematostella,
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    Search for known populations or phenotypes of Nematostella.
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    Search for Nematostella literature.
    Find information on Nematostella's biology and ecology.

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    Learn about how the tools in the this database were developed, and get information about developing a related species-specific database. Information to aid in the use of search engines contained within are also available.

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